Urban Equipment


Comfortable, unusual and interesting appearance, appropriate to the price. Benches can be with back or without back or futuristic or made ​​according to your wishes and requirements. All available means will protect the bench in order to be resistant to weathering and damage caused by vandals.


Long-lasting and functional and that there is enough of them, that’s what’s important, right? Made of steel and protected by epoxy and polyurethane coating. Can be made ​​according to your ideas. In accordance with the needs and requirements, it can be galvanized or plasticized.

Bike stand

Once you get one of our bike stands you won’t have to tie your bike to a road sign or a light pole. There are no prescribed dimensions for bike stands so, if none of our products meet your requirements, we will build a stand to cater for your needs.

Flower pots

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Billboards and Banners

Perhaps it is well placed billboard effective than any other advertising. Perhaps a well-designed advertising slogan challenges greater effect than any other form of advertising? Maybe. While searching for an answer, see what suggestions we have for you.