Bicycle canopies

In our country, bicycles are increasingly used as a means of transportation as well as a form of recreation. We have more and more proponents of healthy lifestyle and larger local communities and municipalities need to adapt to new trends. The best way to do this is to build enough bicycle canopies with video surveillance. Bicycle canopies can be, just as any other canopy, in various forms. It is important to note that under them bicycle stands, which can have manual or electrical control of entry and exit of bicycles and which has some kind of priority right. The main characteristics of this construction are arched roof of lexan or Plexiglas and its walls slab-sided with glass. It is preferred that the glass is marked with labels for birds. The design, of course, can be protected with epoxy or we can galvanize it. The durability of these facilities is significant and it is especially important to pay attention to the simplicity of forms in order to protect the steel in simple and durable way. Paving integrates well with adjacent paths, and is usually performed with behaton.