Other Eco Equipment

Wire containers, storage pallets and containers for various types of eco-waste (old batteries, oil filters and rags, fluorescent tubes, old batteries, etc.).
Steel containers for collecting fluids with a grid, with no grid, with wheels.
They come in a lacquered version, with or without zinc bars. And also, the container can be completely galvanized

Steel vessels for the collection and disposal of waste or smaller containers

In these containers can be placed barrels, drums, different types of chemicals.

Volume of 220 l

Quick drying alkyd paint painted or galvanized.

Dimensions: 1200×1200

Steel surface with grid

Such substrates can be used for the storage of the barrels, or other types of chemical or other waste. Grid provides accessibility and easier maneuvering management and lifting of the substrate provides additional protection.

On this background it is possible to place the barrels capacity 200 l

Dimensions: 1200x1200x160/230

Carts for the collection of cargo

The wheels are of large capacity, two fixed, two swivel with a diameter of 125 mm.

Carts have the widest variety of application and a long durability.

Dimensions: 1200x800x250/405/1200

Metal pallets

On these palette you can accommodate a variety of materials and transport them relatively safe.

Dimensions: 1200x800x 600 mm

They are painted with quick drying alkyd paint or galvanized.

Metal pallets with wire

Simple, lightweight design with hooks.

Dimensions: 600 mm 1200x800x

They are painted with a quick drying alkyd paint (black, blue, red, gray) or galvanized.

KONTEJNER ZA LAMPE 2|eko kontejner| komunalna oprema

Containers for fluo pipes

Containers  for the collection of all types of light bulbs and electronic waste.

Dimensions: 1600 x  930 x  1000 mm
The interior of the container is coated with a special mass resistant to acid.
The exterior corrosion protected primary and finish paint.

kontejner za fluo cevi|eko kontejner| komunalna oprema

PET container
Container for the collection and disposal of plastic packaging.

Warehouse for goods different purposes

The steel structure closed trapezoidal sheet ideal for different storage purposes.

Size and color according to customer specification.

Stationary container

Steal strukture closed sheet ideal for different storage purposes.

Size and color according to customer specification.