Abroll containers

Abroll containers are containers with rollers and a special hook for loading and for launching on the special truck for the abroll containers. With this system one abroll truck can handle more abroll containers.

Abroll container has a strong floor structure composed of two longitudinal sections, cross sections and floor sheet metal, which is usually 4mm thick. Sides are made of 3mm thick tin that is strengthened with 3mm thick HOP element. On the back of the container there is a double door with locking handle. On the front there are two elements for reinforcement and hook for launching on the truck. On the front there are ladders. The container can be opened, closed, and with a special caps. For special purposes sides can, instead of sheet metal, be covered with steel mesh. Open containers on the top edge have hooks for canvas. Canvas is ordered separately and can be with a rod for rolling.

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Containers for transport of materials or waste of any kind.
Waste containers for transport large volumes of trash.

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ABroll 32m3 sa poklopcem

The container can be opened, closed, and with a special caps.