Containers for municipal waste

Containers used for the collection of municipal waste, paper, plastic, metal and other waste.

Container capacity can be 5, 7 or 10m3. Depending on the purpose, they can be opened or closed.
They are made of steel sheet 3 and 4 mm thick and have reinforcements that make them strong and stable to avoid distortion during transporting or discharging, because of the cargo volume and to prolong its use.
The sides are reinforced which enables lifting and emptying.
Atop of the closed containers there are holes for waste disposal. In this way the dispersal of the wasteis prevented.
Container is protected by industrial quick drying alkyd paint (modified alkyds), and upon the request of the customer we can do the epoxy system and hot dip galvanizing.
When creating the structure of the container we take in consideration the possibility of transportation by all vehicles as well as putting them one into another for the easy transport.


Opened containers

Closed containers

Volume [m3] Length [mm] Width​ [mm]
Height [mm]
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3 2575 1414 1256 More details
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