Trash cans – Street furniture

Many of us have been taught that when there is no trash can to put the candy or gum paper in the pocket and throw it when you find one. What to do when there are no cans or when it is destroyed and battered?

Garbage are necessary and important if we want to live in a clean and landscaped environment.

Long-lasting and functional and that there is enough of them, that’s what’s important, right?

Made of steel and protected by epoxy and polyurethane coating. Can be made ​​according to your ideas and painted in a color that integrates with your facility. In accordance with the needs and requirements, it can be galvanized or plasticized.

Visit us and we can design what you want. Together with you, we will create a modern design and will offer favorable rates. We can promise maintenance and product: painting, repair, anchoring … in case someone has deliberately smashed and destroyed your property. We strive to offer a complete service and customer satisfaction is our top priority.

We hope you will like our trash cans and ashtrays.


Trash Can Classic

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Big Capacity Trash Can (50 l)

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kanta sa linijama od firkanta

Trash Cans with unusual colour

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kanta sa pepeljarom

Trash Can with an ashtray and possibility of locking

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Easy empting Trash Can

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Ashtray for areas outside commercial buildings

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braon kanta

Litter bin with a hanging ashtray

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Trash Can with a difference

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Trash Can with ashtray

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