Type 1:

Side-cantilever canopy for cars is suitable for fitting into smaller spaces, particularly suitable for passages between objects. It is made of tubular steel and protected with epoxy and polyurethane coating. With arch-shaped roof with two cantilever carriers connected by longitudinal beams (rafters). The construction relies on two reinforced concrete socles. The cover is usually lexan, and on the request, we can make a canvas. There is a combination of covering with the sandwich panel but in this case, the carrier is constructed as straight bias because the panel is not flexible. Covering with sandwich panels is done only in cases where the canopy is used as a summer house.


  1. Construction is made of rectangular tubing
  2. Dimensions: 2.8 x5m, height 2.5 m
  3. Covered by lexan 10mm, with gutter
  4. Transportation and installation for Vojvodina and the region of Belgrade and Sabac
  5. Offer does not include the costs of making the concrete socles
Technical specification

Type 2:

Canopies of this type are the best choice for the objects where you need a covered front entrance of the house and want to use them for parking cars or making yard shade. Thanks to possibility of combining various color design and polycarbonate panels, we can implement a variety of architectural ideas. Canopy is, like any exterior construction, made of steel painted in epoxy or it is hot galvanized. Today, arched carrier are constructed with an ease, which is why we can offer you favorable prices for this type of canopies. Variations of the form are most often in the shaping of arched carrier, so we have the form with one arch, as you can see in the left picture, or the form with two arches (like a wave).

  1. Construction is made of pipes protected with epoxy and polyurethane
  2. Dimensions: 2.8 x5 m, height 2.5 m
  3. Covered by lexan of 10mm, without gutter
Technical specification

Type 3:

This type of canopy is distinctive for demand for solid and opaque cover. Since the tin is conductor and beneath it the temperature is too high, the cover needs to be flexible, too. When you install a canopy with a sufficient height in the part of the yard that is always well-ventilated, you can use it, not only for the protection of the car, but for yard shade as well. If you require particularly thick shade then we can make the canopy out of a triangular bias single or double bead gutters, and on top of it, instead of steal, we install sandwich panels.

Type 4:

This is a classic type of canopy from lexan because lexan endures the substructure that is parallel with the hole in it. Scale and dirt on lexan is almost invisible, and with the high quality finishing of the lexan edges there is no condensation inside the lexan.

The construction can be carried out in several ways, depending on the level of the integration with the surroundings. Protection of steel is with epoxy or hot galvanizing.

Technical specification

Type 6:

Canopies of this type are very common in Austria and Switzerland

The most common type is the one with the four pillars and with the two-arched roof. Depending on the requirements, we can install 3 longitudinal carriers with the function of the gutter. The coating is a lexan (cheaper) or Plexiglas (more expensive). Excellent combination for a family home with two cars.

Technical specification

Type 7:

High functional canopy with a note that it should be used in the period without much snow. Made of the arched pipes and sheets. Stylish, not too prominent design with a green canvas integrates well with the mixed concrete and green areas. Dimensions that have been most cost-effective are of width of 5800mm and the length is according to your needs. Typical height is between 2000 and 2400 mm. Depending on the desired durability, two types of corrosion protection are provided:

– Type A is an epoxy-polyurethane (short period of construction) and
– Type B hot galvanizing (long period of construction).

Especially functional characteristic of this type of structure is cantilevered type with one pillar in a range, which makes the maneuver of the vehicle very easy.

Technical specification

Type 8:

Canopy installed in the front yard in front of the house. Set on the four pillars with lexon coating. It integrates very well with the environment that surrounds it.
Made of tubular steel and protected with epoxy and polyurethane coatings in black, and the lexan is brown.

Dimensions: length 5500, width 3500 and height of 2400mm.

Technical specification

Type 9:

Canopy for parking several cars. It integrates perfectly with office buildings, stores and large parking. This canopy protects from external conditions, the snow, rain and wind. The design is based on four reinforced concrete socle and is made of square steel pipes with epoxy and polyurethane coating, and on a customer request, we can do hot galvanizing. The customer can choose the color in which the structure will be colored in. For this type of canopy, the most common cover is lexan.


  1. The structure of steel tubes protected with epoxy and polyurethane
  2. Dimensions: 5.4 x3m, height 2.4 m
  3. Covered by lexan 10mm, without gutter
Technical specification