Billboards and Banners

Perhaps it is well placed billboard effective than any other advertising. Perhaps a well-designed advertising slogan challenges greater effect than any other form of advertising? Maybe. While searching for an answer, see what suggestions we have for you.

Achieve an architectural solution that will own functionality and aesthetics, durability and reasonable price, is not an easy task. It is definitely a matter of expertise and experience. With our ten years of experience in the design of structures, we can certainly provide you with imaginative forms of billboards and totems, regardless of their height and surface.

They say that “competition is good for business.” Let’s find the right solution to your advertising make sense and true purpose.

Advertising on public land, in addition to the large and important roads along the promenade … Is it harassment and lack of courtesy? Or is just such an advertisement enough senior and discreet, yet quite informative? Consider the kind of advertising you will decide.

We can make a simple advertisement that can be mounted on the inner wall or in outer space. If you want more demanding and more luxurious billboard we will try to provide a neat, functional, safe and aesthetically designed billboard. Billboards we see more and more frequently in our environment. Some are modern and some are designed so that your message to the public is the most appropriate way to send. Totem made ​​in our company is characterized by aesthetic restraint and recognition.

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A commercials

And the commercials are made of square tubing and sheet steel. On this base, you can attach digital printing. Structures of this type are simple and easy to create and easy to take in and out of the building.
Depending on the dimensions form the price.
They are protected with epoxy and polyurethane coatings, RAL chosen by the customer.
A mass of this advertisement is 27 pounds.

Promotional stand

This kind of intelligence table is made of steel pipe for the pole and steel to rate, whereas the frame of aluminum profile- moldings, made specifically for the needs of different ad sizes. The protection is in the form of transparent foil. Replacing the paper is done in an easy way, the fast click-clack movement in the frame.

EnquiryTechnical specifications


Suitable for positioning posters, timetables, city plans, advertising posters and the like.
Aluminum die-frames can be opened and may be modified internal information material. Depending on your needs, the individual elements about they just separated from the substrate and replaced.
Size of a display depends on the purpose although it is certainly better to strive standardized format in order to and during the press avoid misunderstandings.

EnquiryTechnical specifications

We would like our parks and squares look neat, conservative, culturally! That the city exudes elegance, enthusiasm, by the glare of the future. And you?

How do you see your city, your place for 20 years? I walk the streets of merry and happy faces? Do you see hope in their eyes and pleasure? Let’s meet them!

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