Type 1:

Swing with two seats. The structure made ​​of round pipes, anchored in concrete socles, extremely stable. Fence is made of round pipes, a seat can be with or without a backrest of waterproof varnished plywood. Seat pan is made from round pipe or chain.

You choose the color of the swings yourselves.

We produce swings with one seat and in combination with the slide.

Dimensiones: 3000x2000x1000

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Type 2:

A classic swing with a side climbers. Seat pan is made from round pipe or chain. The seat that is attached to a chain is appropriate for children over 5 years, while the seat that is attached to a round pipe is appropriate for children up to 5 years. The steel structure is mostly robust and removable, anchored to a 6 concrete socles. Depending on the strength of the construction, a child gets a sense of security. Swings made of too thin pipes that have additional vibration create a sense of unease and insecurity.
Structure protection is alkyd, epoxy or it is hot galvanized, painted with polyurethane. Depending on the requests, the seat may be waterproof varnished plywood, plastic or, in the case of attachment on to round pipes, combination of steel and plywood.


Type 3:

Swing combined with slides and climbers, is also very attractive. The design and construction of elements is similar to the previous type of swings, but when using this type of swing the full attention of parents is required if it is used by small children up to 5 years. It is because when they go down the slide, they turn left into the zone of the swing’s momentum.


Type 4:

This swing is a real attraction for older kids. Great Console and tires hanging on 4 chains provide great momentum and lateral deflection. Especially interesting is swinging in pairs, which is typical for this kind of swing which, of course, affects the socialization of the child. Steel construction and consoles are made of thicker pipes which increases stiffness of the whole system and it gives a sense of security when swinging.


Type 5:

Swing for the brave and skillful children because of significantly increased the height of swinging. It is desirable that at least one adult is nearby, to watch and point out the importance of safety and firm grip when swinging. Construction is of the standard type, anchored in four points with four inclined pillars and solid beam. It is completely assembling-disassembling and it is almost always constructed by the system chain + flat seat without a backrest.


Type 6:

Let’s swing together!

Swing which ensures that children enjoy the smiles of other children, to scream together while swinging, and to create a happy atmosphere for each other. Swing is, in terms of usage, classic, but social moment is especially emphasized.


Type 7:

The classic swing with chains and flat seat, aesthetically refined with wavy curved pipes and solid vertical pillars.


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