Children enjoy climbing on a very high climbers. Parents, of course, in such situations, have fear that something can unexpectedly happen to their children. The city is not an easy place to find a nice tree that child could climb on and in that way develop their skills and self-confidence. There are creepers that could possibly replace that kind of joy. Psychologists say that fathers are often more willing to encourage and stimulate a child in these new ventures, and that mothers are more cautious, not to say that they simply avoid this type of climbing. The tree may have branches that might break and are therefore less secure, and creepers, if properly installed and maintained, should be maximally stable and firm. So, if it’s time to climb and you want your child to be brave, nimble and without hesitation replies to new challenge, bring him/her to play!

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Kids use creepers for crawling through, climbing, and hiding. Four sides of these creepers are made of steel pipes bent and connected in many ways, and fifth side is made ​​of wood openings for compliance. Anchoring is done in six concrete socles, and creepers are interrelated and fastened. By combining cheerful colors, we have a playground where the children, in a relatively small area, can enjoy climbing and crawling through a number of holes and practice their speed and agility.

Interesting, cheerful children’s playground!

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Kula kombinovana sa toboganom i penjalicom je takođe veoma atraktivna. Konstrukcija i izrada elemenata slična je kao kod prethodnog tipa ljuljaške, ali kod ovog tipa potrebna je povećana pažnja roditelja ako je koriste mala deca do 5 godina zbog toga što kad silaze sa tobogana skreću ulevo u zonu zamaha klackalice. Tobogan ima dodatno ojačanje pa ga mogu koristiti i deca teža od 50 kg.

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